A two-day-getaway (82 miles)

Do you feel like exploring the Welsh back-country? Forget about the car and take the bike for a multi-day cycle trip! You’ll see more, hear more, and can get to places cars can not. The trip in this article offers great scenery, some light off-road cycling, and plenty of campings and bothies to stay for the night. A perfect route starting in Aberystwyth! Please find the GPX file of the road at the bottom of this article.

towards Claerwenn Reservoir

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Nant Rhys bothy and Ystwyth valley (54 miles)

This is a very diverse route, offering a bit of everything: woods and open moorland and the stunning Ystwyth valley. Riding is done on unpaved roads, hardly paved roads and tarmac. There is the opportunity of sleeping in the Nant Syddion bothy, the Nant Rhys bothy or on the Tyllwyd campsite. This is not really mountain biking, it is not road racing either. For this route I suggest following the GPX rather than a map, for especially in the woodland it is easy to take a wrong turn.

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Devil’s kids route

The area east of Devil’s Bridge is great for off-road cycling. The forest roads are well-maintained, wide and, if you follow the route in this post, the gradient is rather easy. This makes this area perfect to take your kids out cycling. Your kids will love it. Because the roads are so wide, you can always cycle alongside your son or daughter, for added safety.

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Hire an adventure; 5 things to consider when planning a multiday bike trip

Whether you use the bike you have in your shed, or hire a bike at my bike hire in Aberystwyth, planning for a multi-day bike trip is part of the fun. But it is important as well; which route are you going to do? What gear are you going to use? I do multi-day bike trips regularly and have discovered that a decent preparation is key for a nice trip. There are some pitfalls you want to steer around, and points of advice you definitely want to use when planning. Let me give you five tips.

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Don’t get hungry on your outdoor adventure: 10 tips

In the previous post here on Aber Outdoor Bike Hire Aberystwyth I wrote about the bothy and how a brilliant a place it is to spend the night during your micro-adventure. So say you make it to the bothy, was yourself by the stream, enjoy the sun on your face (if it is that day of the year), and then what? Well, food obviously. You want to bring food with you that is not bulky, high on protein to repair your sore muscles, doesn’t contain much water (you have to carry that!), does not turn bad in a warm bike bag, and most importantly; tastes good. Let me give you some five tips on what to carry along with you on a multi-day bike trip.

outdoor cooking

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A micro adventure to Nant Syddion bothy (40 miles)

Sometimes going out into nature for just one day doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just want to go on a little adventure. A great way to do this is to go to a Bothy, a nature hideaway where you can stay overnight. They are perfect to get away from it all, make sure to bring a sleeping bag, a friend and some whisky. There are some bothy’s near Aberystwyth, and Nant Syddion is one of them. Jump on the bike you hire in Aberystwyth and go into the wild.

Nant Syddion Bothy

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Bike Hire Aberystwyth presents: Nant-Y-Moch Reservoir Loop, 33 miles

I did this ride on the 13th of March 2018. Leaving home I was thinking about exactly a year ago. When I left home to go cycling too, but that trip didn’t stop till I reached China. This ride was to be a bit shorter. It was a beautiful route, and the first day of really pleasant weather of the year. This route starts in Penrhyn-Coch, but of course could be extended to include Aberystwyth. If you use my bike hire Aberystwyth, this would be a perfect place to start as well. Let me know where you want to start and finish.

Bike hire Aberystwyth

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Aberystwyth to Craig Y Pistyll, 24 miles

This is a beautiful route you can start in Aberystwyth and complete in a day without too much effort. You will pass the site of a prehistoric fort at Banc Y Darren, the Ceunant Mines, and the gorgeous valley south of Craig Y Pistyll. At the Aber Outdoor Bike Hire in Aberystwyth you could also hire a bike gps, so you don’t get lost.

This route is on forest tracks, off road double tracks and paved roads, and doable for anyone with reasonable fitness.

Valley and waterfall south of Craig Y Pistyll
Craig Y Pistyll

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